Crafting Distinctive Platforms in a Dynamic World.

Museum of Design Atlanta

Curating and producing the Atlanta based exhibition that examines the power of music to strengthen individual relationships and build community — and the role that design plays in making that happen.


Auctioned at Christies for $1.77M we created one of a kind work of art to encase the ultra rare “one of one” ionic original acetate holding the only copy of this recording of Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’


Grammy award winning design collaboration spanning over 20 years and seven albums with the critically-acclaimed alternative rock band from Chicago.


We authored Supersonic as a tribute to a global symbol of ambition, an irresistible glimpse into the future, daring us to dream and the spirit of pushing the boundaries of our imagination.

USC, Roski School of Art and Design

What it means to reimagine the power of today’s art school, while incorporating the venerable legacy of academic and creative excellence into a graphic system to resonate with broader audiences.


Created to inspire future thinking and cultural diplomacy. The commemorative journal A Message From Earth, was a bespoke publication showcasing 40 cultural luminaries from every continent.

Mirror Sound

The co-authoring of the first book devoted entirely to the practice of self-recording music. A look into the people and processes behind the music.


We’re co-creators of a movement to spread deeper understandings of ourselves, humanity and our planet by better understanding our relationship with space and the cosmos at large. All through the lens for science, art, design and the coming together of those ways of thinking. An artbook, an education initiative, a concert series and much more.

The Voyager Golden Record

Bringing the interstellar message to Earth for the first time and sparking global enthusiasm for the endeavor. Creating the Grammy award winning Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package now included in the permanent collection of the V&A Museum and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Designing The Future of Music

Five years of postgraduate design education programs that we authored and produced to foster the invention of new means to connect to music more deeply.

Esperanza Spalding

Eight years and five albums in developing a visual voice and storytelling platforms for the multi-hyphenate artistic leader, groundbreaking bassist, singer, songwriter and composer.

UC San Diego

Designing a public gateway to a new center of experience, community and inspiration at the University of California.


Uncovering the people and processes behind the portfolio of $1.2 Billion, with the founders, disruptors, and entrepreneurs who are redefining how innovation in business shapes our future.


In the ever-shifting global landscape, where organizational identities are in constant flux, Macroscopic unearths the core elements that define an organization’s purpose.


We understand that each organization has the potential to become a unique and distinctive community.


We identify the discrete components of that latent community.


We discover the core narrative and then initiate a process of ongoing improvement.

Macroscopic is the scale at which we see the world.

The human scale.

About us
At Macroscopic, we believe in sparking meaningful change, fostering enduring connections, and shaping a future where organizations thrive.


Macroscopic’s mission centers on looking at art and science anew, to spark authentic passion for curiosity. We seek to ignite possibility, innovation and understanding.

Voyager Golden Record

What we do

We’re a creative consultancy that inspires visionary advocacy at the intersection of art, science and technology. We develop campaign strategies and creative representation by collaboratively excavating unexplored possibilities to define identity, purpose and dreams.

Suzanne Chiani at CCA: Macroscopic produced, Google backed event at CCA to wrap up our educational initiative on the Future of Music

Who we are

So much more than just designers, our team authors and develops books, programs and exhibitions that align with our mission and core values. We believe design is a form of advocacy and we employ it to manifest positive, meaningful futures.


Lawrence Azerrad


Patrick McGovern

Interview at the Cooper Hewitt: Macroscopic leadership Lawrence Azerrad discussing Supersonic book process